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Citrus Hills Medical Facilities

The Vital Role of Medical Facilities Near Citrus Hills in Relocation to the Villages of Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club
Relocating to a new area involves considering numerous factors, ranging from the quality of life to essential amenities. Among these, access to medical facilities stands out as a paramount consideration for individuals and families seeking to establish themselves in a new community. In the case of the villages of Citrus Hills, situated in a serene and idyllic setting, the presence of robust medical infrastructure near Citrus Hills is pivotal for ensuring a smooth transition and sustaining a high quality of life. This article explores the significance of medical facilities in the relocation decision to The Villages of Citrus Hills.

1. Healthcare Accessibility Enhances Quality of Life:
    Quality healthcare services are fundamental to maintaining and improving one's quality of life. Accessibility to medical facilities near Citrus Hills ensures that residents can promptly address their healthcare needs, whether it be routine check-ups, emergencies, or specialized treatments.
    Proximity to healthcare facilities alleviates concerns about travel time and inconvenience, enabling residents to seek medical attention promptly. This accessibility promotes overall well-being and peace of mind, contributing to a vibrant and thriving community.

2. Emergency Preparedness and Response:
    Medical emergencies can arise unexpectedly, necessitating swift and efficient intervention. Having medical facilities nearby enhances the community's emergency preparedness and response capabilities.
   Citrus Hills residents can rest assured knowing that in the event of a medical crisis, they have access to emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and specialized medical professionals who can deliver timely and life-saving care. This sense of security is invaluable and instills confidence in residents as they settle into their new surroundings.

3. Attractiveness to Retirees and Active Seniors:
    Citrus Hills is renowned for its appeal to retirees and active seniors seeking a tranquil yet engaging lifestyle. For this demographic, access to quality healthcare is a non-negotiable aspect of relocation.
    The presence of medical facilities near Citrus Hills enhances the attractiveness of the community to retirees, offering reassurance that their healthcare needs will be met as they age in place. This, in turn, fosters a sense of belonging and encourages retirees to invest in the community for the long term.

4. Supporting Family Dynamics:
    Families considering relocation to Citrus Hills prioritize the well-being of their loved ones, particularly when it comes to healthcare access. Having medical facilities nearby not only benefits individual residents but also supports family dynamics.
   Parents feel more confident raising their children in a community with reliable healthcare services, knowing that pediatric care, preventive services, and emergency care are readily available. Similarly, adult children are reassured knowing that their aging parents have access to comprehensive healthcare resources.

5. Economic and Social Impacts:
    The presence of medical facilities near Citrus Hills extends beyond individual health outcomes; it also has far-reaching economic and social impacts on the community.
    Healthcare facilities create jobs, attract skilled professionals, and stimulate economic activity in the region. Moreover, they serve as focal points for community engagement and support networks, fostering social cohesion and a sense of belonging among residents.

6. Promoting Active Aging and Wellness:
   Citrus Hills prides itself on offering a lifestyle that promotes active aging and wellness. Access to medical facilities complements this ethos by facilitating preventive care, wellness programs, and rehabilitation services.
   Residents can take advantage of fitness facilities, recreational activities, and health education programs offered in conjunction with medical providers, promoting holistic well-being and longevity.

7. Long-Term Planning and Sustainability:
   - Sustainable community development requires foresight and planning, including the integration of essential services such as healthcare. By prioritizing the establishment and expansion of medical facilities near Citrus Hills, stakeholders demonstrate a commitment to the long-term health and vitality of the community.
   Investing in healthcare infrastructure today ensures that Citrus Hills remains an attractive destination for current and future residents, supporting continued growth and prosperity.

     In conclusion, medical facilities near Citrus Hills are indispensable components of the relocation decision to The Villages of Citrus Hills, serving as pillars of support for residents and contributing to the overall desirability and sustainability of the community. By prioritizing healthcare accessibility, Citrus Hills reinforces its commitment to fostering a high quality of life, promoting wellness, and nurturing a sense of belonging among its diverse residents. As individuals and families embark on their relocation journey, the availability of medical services near Citrus Hills stands as a testament to the community's dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its residents, both now and in the future.


HCA Hospital Citrus Hills Medical

Citrus Memorial Hospital is now HCA Florida Citrus Hospital. HCA Hospital is 8.5 miles from Citrus Hills.  Their 204-bed acute care hospital is a leading provider of healthcare in Citrus County and the surrounding area. Some of the services include 24/7 emergency care, a Heart and Vascular Center, an Orthopedics and Spine Center, a Women and Baby Center, robotic surgery and oncology services.

HCA Florida Citrus Hospital takes pride in treating patients as guests and family. The Citrus community hospital offers personalized care, and the staff members are your neighbors and friends. HCA is  consistently top-rated in surgical excellence, and they strive to continue to provide excellent care and customer service to patients and visitors. 

hca hospital inverness

HCA hospital is located in Inverness at

502 W Highland Blvd, Inverness, FL 34452 

Phone number:

(352) 726-1551

Tampa General 7 Rivers Hospital Citrus Hills Medical

TGH has consistently been recognized as one of the Nation's Best Hospitals by U.S News & World Report for 20 years. We are proud to ranked as the top hospital in Tampa Bay and among the top 50 hospitals in the nation in six. Additionally, we have been named one of the World's Best Hospitals by Newsweek and have earned a spot on the 2022 Fortune/Merative 100 Top Hospitals List. Our commitment to nursing excellence has earned us Magnet® recognition, and we continuously strive to exceed industry standards to provide the best possible care.

Located 15.1 miles from Citrus Hills isTampa General Seven Rivers a 128-bed Joint Commission-accredited acute care hospital which opened in 1978. The hospital provides quality, compassionate healthcare to residents of Citrus County and surrounding areas. Bravera Health Seven Rivers care services include a dedicated orthopedic bone and joint centercardiac catheterization lab and freestanding emergency department right outside of Citrus Hills, across from the Terra Vista enteranceSurgical services include robotic-arm assisted, minimally invasive options for general and bariatric surgeries. Bravera Health Seven Rivers is designated as an Accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention), and Accredited Heart Failure Center and is a Joint Commission Certified Primary Stroke Center.

Tampa General Hospital in Crystal River

Address 6201 N Suncoast Blvd, Crystal River, FL 34428

Phone number (352) 795-6560

24/7 Emergency Care
Citrus Hills Medical

Tampa General ER

Tampa General ER is a full-service emergency room with onsite lab and imaging. Additional services: Outpatient laboratory-walk-ins welcome! Outpatient imaging: CT, ultrasound and x-ray 

Tampa General Hospital (TGH) has completed the acquisition of the Bravera Health network, which includes hospitals, clinical operations, services, providers, and team members previously owned by certain subsidiaries of Community Health Systems, Inc. This has led to the formation of TGH North, a division of TGH that extends the reach of one of the nation's leading academic health systems to more communities across Florida. According to John Couris, President and CEO of Tampa General Hospital, this is a key step towards offering world-class healthcare, research, and innovation to communities throughout Florida.

Tampa General Emergency Care

Address:  907 West Norvell Bryant Highway
Hernando, FL 34442
Phone:  (352) 765-2400

URGENT CARE Citrus Hills Medical

Quick Care

Quick care has 2 walk in clinics near Citrus Hills

At Quick Care Med Walk-in and Urgent Care, we offer immediate walk-in treatment for both pediatric and adult patients dealing with illnesses and injuries. In addition to wellness exams, we also provide employer health services. We understand that medical emergencies can happen anytime, which why we offer Fast, Easy, and Affordable® urgent care with extended hours, including weekends and holidays.

Beverly Hills

  • Phone : (352) 697-7336

  • Address : 3925 N. Lecanto Hwy, Beverly Hills, FL 34465 (491 Next to PO)

  • Driving Directions

  • City: Lecanto

  • Zip: 34465

  • Business Hours:
    Mon-Fri: 9:00am-7:00pm
    Sat-Sun: 9:00am-5:00pm


  • Phone : (352) 344-2273

  • Address : 1907 Hwy 44 West, Inverness, FL 34453 (Between Applebees & Inverness Car Wash)

  • Driving Directions

  • City: Inverness

  • Zip: 34453

  • Business Hours:
    Mon-Fri: 9:00am-7:00pm
    Sat-Sun: 9:00am-5:00pm

Primary Care Citrus Hills Medical

Citrus Primary Group

450 West Roosevelt Blvd
Beverly Hills, FL 34465

Phone: (352) 527 - 6646

Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sat - Sun: Closed

Tampa General Medical Group

2400 N. Essex Ave.
Hernando, FL 34442
Phone: (352) 513-4276

Nature Coast Health Care

7562 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy.,

Crystal River, FL 34429

CALL: 352-436-4328

Specialists Citrus Hills  Medical 

Looking for specialists near The Villages of Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club? You easily find them by category or illness. Simply click on the buttons and get access to a list of specialists near Citrus Hills.

Assisted Living Facility at Citrus Hills

grand living at Citrus Hills

Grand Living at Citrus Hills is a senior assisted living community in Hernando, Florida that offers independent, assisted living, and care. Their resort-style living provides personalized care, exceptional hospitality, and FIRST CLASS HAPPINESS®. They have a variety of dining venues, a 150-plus seat theatre, a grand spa and fitness center, community spaces, a private chapel and meditation center, and outdoor recreation areas for residents to  enjoy.

 Grand Living at Citrus Hills: Elevating Assisted Living with Proximity and Culinary Excellence

Grand Living, situated within the enchanting landscapes of Citrus Hills, redefines assisted living by seamlessly blending convenience, elegance, and culinary excellence. Designed to cater to residents requiring extra care or those seeking a luxurious lifestyle, Grand Living embodies the essence of refined living within a supportive and nurturing environment. Let's explore how Grand Living at Citrus Hills offers a sanctuary of comfort and indulgence, where proximity and culinary delights converge to elevate the assisted living experience.

Proximity to Citrus Hills:
At Grand Living, residents enjoy the convenience of having an array of amenities right at their doorstep. Nestled within the picturesque Citrus Hills community, Grand Living ensures that residents have easy access to a host of entertainment, wellness, and social opportunities without ever needing to venture far from home.

Dining Venues:
Culinary excellence takes center stage at Grand Living, where residents are treated to a variety of dining options tailored to their preferences and dietary needs. Whether savoring a formal dining experience, enjoying a casual meal with friends, or grabbing a bite at the bistro, residents can indulge in chef-prepared meals every day, ensuring a delightful culinary journey within the comfort of their own community.

Forum Theatre:
Entertainment and cultural enrichment abound at Grand Living's Forum Theatre, where residents can partake in an array of performances, activities, classes, and events. With its intimate yet vibrant atmosphere, the theatre serves as a hub of artistic expression and community engagement, offering residents a diverse range of entertainment options to enjoy at their leisure.

Grand Spa and Fitness Center:
Promoting holistic well-being, Grand Living's Spa and Fitness Center provides residents with access to state-of-the-art facilities and personalized wellness services. From fitness classes led by experienced instructors to rejuvenating spa treatments and salon services, residents can embark on a journey towards vitality and relaxation under the guidance of dedicated professionals.

Community Spaces:
The communal areas at Grand Living serve as extensions of residents' private residences, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Whether gathering in the Grand Lounge for socializing, perusing books in the Grand Library, or participating in activities at the Legends Club, residents have ample opportunities to connect with their peers and engage in enriching experiences.

Private Chapel and Meditation Center:
For moments of reflection and spiritual solace, residents can retreat to Grand Living's private chapel and meditation center. Offering a serene and tranquil environment, the chapel provides residents with a sacred space for quiet contemplation and prayer, while the meditation center offers a peaceful oasis for relaxation and mindfulness.

Outdoor Recreation Areas:
Embracing the beauty of nature, Grand Living features outdoor recreation areas where residents can enjoy the fresh air and participate in leisure activities. Whether strolling through the manicured gardens, gathering around the fire pit for cozy evenings, or simply basking in the sunshine, residents have ample opportunities to immerse themselves in the natural splendor of their surroundings.

Outdoor Pool and Hot Tub:
To unwind and refresh, residents can retreat to Grand Living's outdoor pool and hot tub, where they can relax and rejuvenate in style. Surrounded by lush landscaping and comfortable seating, the resort-style pool offers residents a serene retreat to enjoy leisurely swims or soak in the warm waters of the hot tub.

Chauffeured Luxury Vehicle:
Ensuring residents' comfort and convenience, Grand Living provides a chauffeured luxury vehicle service for transportation to appointments and scheduled activities. With a dedicated and reliable driver at the helm, residents can rest assured knowing they have safe and convenient transportation at their disposal whenever needed.
In conclusion, Grand Living at Citrus Hills sets a new standard for assisted living, where proximity and culinary excellence converge to create a haven of comfort, sophistication, and indulgence. With an array of amenities and services designed to cater to residents' needs and preferences, Grand Living offers a sanctuary of care and companionship within the heart of the vibrant Citrus Hills community. As residents embrace the grandeur of Grand Living, they embark on a journey of wellness, camaraderie, and fulfillment, where every moment is infused with the warmth and hospitality of home.

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