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Citrus Hills Social Membership Cost and Benefits


Citrus Hills Social Membership provides access to many of the amazing amenities that the community has to offer, including the clubhouse, indoor and out door pools, fitness center and spa, dining venues, and more. The Social Membership also grants access to the tennis and pickleball courts, as well as the dog park. The Citrus Hills Social Membership cost is very affordable - see 2023 brochure below.   For those looking to take advantage of the many golf courses, see the brochure for social member rates.  Additional Golf Memberships are available, as well as Tennis Memberships for those interested in playing tennis on the HAR-TRU courts and leagues.

The Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club social membership cannot be purchased outright at this time and is deeded with the home you purchase.  Not all homes have social memberships.  There are two categories of membership.  1. mandatory  2. optional.  If the home you purchase has an optional membership you will have 30 days to opt into the membership.  If you do not sign up within the first 30 days you will lose your right to join.  Once you start the membership, you have to keep it or lose it.  You will not be able to get it back.  There is a one-time $2,000 deposit when you purchase your home which is in addition to the Citrus Hills social membership cost.  This deposit is returned when you sell your home.  Unless it is the builder, do not take the sellers' word about having a social membership. Please check with me to ensure your home has a membership.   The 2024 Social Membership will be $565.57 quarterly ($188.52/month) including tax.  

2023 Citrus Hills Membership brochure with list of included amenities and costs.  The Social membership includes the Bella Vita Spa and Fitness Center, the indoor pool, the out door pool, spa and sauna.  The social membership includes the activity center with a new golf simulator, 2 pool tables, discounted golf on 4 golf courses, 3 dining venues,
2023 Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club brochure with pricing.  Social membership pricing and deposit.  Additional golf and tennis memberships for Skyview members.  Additional golf memberships for Citrus Hills Golf leagues and trail fees.

The Citrus Hills Social Membership cost does not include the tennis membership or the additional golf memberships.  Social members play golf at the discounted rate above and can play tennis on the regular courts.  

The Villages of Citrus Hills Guest Policy

Please read The Villages of Citrus Hills Guest Policy carefully as no local guests are allowed and there is a limit of 4 times a year for guests living more than 60 miles away.  

Guest Policy Citrus Hills
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