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Nature's Coast


Nature's Coast is a fisherman's paradise.  The Tsala Apopka Chain of Lakes has over 19,000 acres of lakes, swamps and marshes connected by a series of canals. There are large mouth bass, crappie, white bass, stripers, catfish, gar, bowfin and numerous sunfish.

Fishing in Crystal River, Hommosassa River and the Gulf of Mexico give fishermen the opportunity to fish for both fresh and saltwater fish.  

Salt water fishing is superb.  There are grouper, snapper, shark, redfish, black drum, jack crevalle, tripletail, snook, tarpin, cobia, pompano, seatrout. 

Fishing on Crystal river
Fishing on Crystal River
fishing in Crystal River
Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico


Crystal river is a Manatee Sanctuary.  The water is a constant 72 degrees and is intregal to the survival of the species.  Each year the manatee migrate to the warmer fresh water springs.  Jacques Cousteau brought the plight of the manatee to light when he studied the manatee in 1970.  He released a manatee, "Sewer Sam" who got stuck in a sewer,  into Three Sister's Spring in Crystal River.  His grandson returned to Three Sister's Spring to compare the area then and now'. Even though manatee have been removed from the endangered list and were downgraded to threatened, he is still concerned about the manatees' survival as they battle loss of habitat and injury from the many boaters in the area.  Three Sisters Springs is the birthplace of Manatee conservation at the heart of nature's coast.  

manatee in Crystal river


Kayaking with the manatees

Kayaking on Crystal and Homosassa Rivers is an unforgettable experience that allows you to get up close with the manatees and explore the stunning scenery of Florida's Nature Coast. Whether you're an experienced kayaker or a first-timer, I highly recommend this activity to everyone. Renting a kayak is easy and affordable, and there are guided kayaking tours available if you'd like to learn about the local wildlife and ecology. The Crystal River and Homosassa Springs are two of the best kayaking spots in the area, and I'm confident that you'll love every minute of your adventure.

Bike/Walking Trails in Nature's Coast

The Withlacoochee State Trail has 46 miles of bike trails that wind through the Withlacoochee State Trail and the Crystal River Preserve State Park.   The Withlacooche State Trail was officially designated as part of the Florida Greenways and Trail System.  This state trail is also designated as a National Recreation Trail. It offers rich opportunities for viewing plants and wildlife and provides access to many outstanding recreational opportunities.  Hours are from 8 am until sundown 365 days a year. 

map of the Withlacoochee bike trail

Fort Island Beach Nature's Coast

Fort Island State Park has a public boat launch, public beach, picnic tables, and walking trails.  Fort Island is a 15 acre man-made beach with white sand. It is not a touristy beach like Clearwater, but its a nice way to spend the day with the grandkids.  

Fort Island Beach

Fort Cooper State Park in Nature's Coast

Fort Cooper state park has 700 acres to enjoy!   The park offers boating and fishing on Lake Holathlikaha.(Kayak and canoe rentals only - no private boats). Fort Cooper is part of Florida's Great Birding Trail.  There are 5 miles of self guided trails  were you can spot wildlife and fauna.  There is also a Seminole Trail with kiosks depicting the lives and customs of the Seminoles. The park has picnic facilities and a playground.  There is a $3 on your honor parking fee.  Make sure to bring exact change.  

Fort Cooper state park

Dolphin Encounters

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing dolphins that inhabit the pristine waters of Homosassa and Crystal River, where they never cease to amaze us with their intelligence, grace, and sheer wonder. Boating in the river allows you an insight into the incredible world of these majestic creatures, providing a unique and immersive experience that will leave you in awe of nature's beauty. 

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