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Why The Villages of Citrus Hills is My Green Acres- Goodbye City Life!

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Dolphin in Crystal River
Dolphin in Crystal River

Arnold always dreamed of having a farm and a simple country life. My Arnold always dreamed of having a boat and going fishing in his retirement. The Villages of Citrus Hills is close enough to the Gulf of Mexico (20 minutes) and afordable enough for him to realize his dream. But he never dreamed how beautiful Crystal River could be. There are undeveloped sections where it is like traveling back in time. Wild hogs roam the shores to get a drink, birds and turtles sun themselves on the bank and dolphins frolic in the brackish water. In the winter, boating is slow speed because of the manatee which use the rivers to migrate to the natural springs where it is 72 degrees year round. Jacques Couseau released a manatee into the 3 Sisters Springs back in the 1970's paving the way for the survival of these gentle giants and bringing their plight to the public eye. This marine sanctuary is one of the few places you can swim with the Manatee - as long as you do not touch.

Zsa Zsa on the other hand liked the farm, but enjoyed the finer things in life. The Villages of Citrus Hills fit the bill for this Zsa Zsa with world class resort-style amenities.

The Bella Vita spa changing area
Bella Vita Spa changing room

When I go to any of the amenities, I feel like I am in the lap of luxury on a permenant vacation. So Citrus Hills is the perfect combination of City and Country for me. I wouldnt have it any other way!


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